Flying high

How to get ready for a flight?

My little guide will show you how to prepare yourself for a comfortable and hassle-free flight. It will be especially helpful for those who are just about to fly for the first time in their lives and now all they feel about it is stress and anxiety.

The plane without a doubt is one of the most convenient, fast and, as shown by the study, safe mean of transport. It saves you a lot of time and helps you quickly get to your destination. Some people travel by planes on the daily basis. Others fly from time to time. No matter if you belong to any of these two groups or it is your very first time, do not worry, you have everything well explained here to make sure your journey is safe and pleasant.  When you are getting closer to the day of the departure, have a read through my guide and start packing your suitcases without any second thoughts.

The flights within the UK and to other European countries are not too demanding. All you need to do is to prepare the ticket and the necessary identity documents necessary at check-in at the airport (ID card or passport) and, if travelling outside EU, possibly other necessary documents (visa, vaccination certificate). You must first check what documents are required in particular country you are traveling to. To the European Union, the ID is enough. If you are going to fly outside of the EU countries you must have a valid passport and a valid entry or transit visa. Otherwise, border guards will not allow you to cross the state border. It is the best to have ticket, passport, etc. packed together, in one place, to always have everything at hand. Remember that you can do the online check-in and avoid standing in the queue in the airport.

As in any other mean of transport as well as in an airplane, you can happen to suffer from a motion sickness. Therefore, it is good just to eat a light meal before the flight. During the takeoff and landing, some people may experience a pain or an ear obstruction. The best way to get rid of it is to suck on a hard candy that soothes the pressure and alleviates the nagging symptoms. If you are suffering from chronic illness or you are pregnant, you should consult with your doctor before the flight. Passengers traveling in advanced pregnancy – over 32 weeks of age – are asked to provide a medical certificate confirming their ability to travel. This is a prerequisite for boarding.

It is also important to dress comfortably for a journey. Avoid clothing with metal fasteners, buckles, etc. It is also worth to exchange the currency beforehand. At the airport you may not have the time for this. The optimal time to get to the airport is about 3 hours before departure. Accurate travel time information is provided by the travel agent or airline ticketing company. This information can also be found on an electronic ticket.

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