Flying high

Facts and myths about flying

Fly around the world

Probably many of you have heard of the possibility of buying a ticket so called RTW (Round The World). It is a package of several tickets, sold by airline alliances like Sky Team, Oneworld, Star Alliance. It allows you to select an already planned itinerary or plan your own journey across the world.  It is important that the next stages of travel do not have to be rigidly planned before the start. The only restrictions for ticket holders are: free seats for selected flights, total number of miles that can be fare under the ticket, and number of stops along the way. The most popular city to start the RTW in Europe is London. Usually the price of such a package of flights starts from few hundred pounds. This depends in particular on the number of stops. An interesting site for more information is

It is better to book tickets separately

Sometimes it is true. Imagine that the airline offers passengers for a given flight 100 tickets. Usually, depending on the time of booking we can get the tickets at different fares. For example, we have 20 tickets for £ 20, 30 for 30 pounds, 30 for 40 pounds and 20 for 60 pounds. If there is only one last ticket left in the first 20 tickets and we will need two, it will show us the lowest possible price for two tickets, in this case 30 pounds. When buying tickets separately we can save 10 pounds then. It is worth checking simply whether the price of a single ticket for a larger booking is the same as when we booked for only one person.

Flights in the middle of the week

As I mentioned before, the key to find cheap flights is the flexibility. Sometimes, cheaper flights will be found in the middle of the week (Tuesday-Thursday), and more expensive before, during and after the weekend. This is due to the fact that airlines know that many people travel during the weekend when they do not have to work. Today, however, the network of connections is so extensive that we should not overestimate that fact, so it is more reasonable to look for cheap flights any day and stay flexible.

Lastminute with a travel agency – flight or flight + hotel

This is a particularly interesting option for the lovers of spontaneous traveling. Travel agents usually fly with their clients on charter flights. Therefore, a few days before departure we can find an interesting flight promotion or package hotel+ flight. This is due to the fact that for a travel agency it is more profitable to sell a ticket cheaper than to fly with a plane not fully filled. Particularly good deals can be found by browsing the German sites, but also English offices increasingly use this opportunity.

It is worth to save the pages and (German page).

Unlucky dates

We can save by choosing a flight on the 13th  of the month, the Friday 13th or on the anniversary of terrorist attacks, eg 11.09. Of course this is not a rule, but sometimes it works. Prices are lower by as much as 25%. Particularly superstitious nations are Great Britain, France, Australia, Canada, the United States and Asian countries. If you are not afraid of unlucky dates then you should consider this option and save a bit of money this way.

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