Capsule hotel at the airport in Italy. Sleep comfortably while waiting for the flight

Japan without a doubt is a pioneer at the capsule hotel market. The rooms consist mainly just of beds, and guests can pay for hours rather than nights. Italy has decided to refine this idea and introduce it in one of its airports.

The country opened its first capsule hotel in Naples Airport (Napoli-Capodichino aeroporto). Each of the 42 capsules in BenBo has sound-absorbing walls, a window (important in such small space), a folding table, a TV and a shoe cabinet.

Here’s how the rooms look like at BenBo

One of the most important cities on the fashion world map had to make sure that even the capsule hotel was stylish.

When a passenger misses his flight or has many hours to kill before the flight, he may stop at BenBo – at the hotel located in the airport itself. The capsule can be booked for a period of one to nine hours. The cost is about 10€ per hour. The hotel has 42 capsules. They are as small as some prison cells, but vibrant colours lighten them up and give you the privacy you need.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania benbo naples airport Each room has a toilet, washbasin, shower and fresh towels. In the lobby, guests can sit with laptops, books or a meal. Thanks to the large windows and plants it looks as if the rooms were more spacious. Cabin doors open automatically when the card is inserted, which is a convenient solution for people with suitcases in hands. You can also lie down and watch TV. The cabin has Wi-Fi, as well as a touchscreen tablet that displays flight information. For sure there is much more room in BenBo than the hotel capsule in Japan. BenBo is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is not a four star hotel, but it is better than lying on the airport benches.

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