By car to the airport? Why not!

No matter if you are traveling alone, with your couple or with a bunch of friends, you probably do not have much trouble with arranging an airport transfer. Airports are mostly well connected by public transport, railways or private carriers. The real problem starts when you want to get there with a big family, ready for a trip with loads of luggage. Or when you do not have enough time to take the bus or train. Then it is the best to use the car. But there is a problem – where to leave the car when you are away travelling?

A friend giving you a lift to the airport

It would seem that the easiest way to do this is to ask a friend with a driver license who can firstly drop you off and then pick you up from the airport. But not everyone has a friend who is trustworthy and available. In addition, it can be a problem to get done all formalities related to arrival, baggage check-in and get to the Kiss & Fly zone and correlate it with the driver. Undoubtedly, the advantage of this solution, however, is the saving of time and money.

Airport Parking

Airports have their own, sometimes very extensive, car parks. They are usually divided into zones, depending on whether or not a particular car park is guarded. The advantage of this solution is the location – such car parks usually are located at the airport terminals. But it can be pricey. In addition, it is worth to check out the parking plan and terms of service before your scheduled departure. Often, the car park is at the terminal, but it is so large that we can leave the car at its other end that is far away from the gates. It can happen that the airport manager does not offer a shuttle to the building itself. When traveling with luggage and two frisky kids, getting to the departure hall can be a challenge then.

Private car parks

Private airport parking in the nearby area is an alternative to commercial car parks. They are located at some distance from the airports, but usually they offer a shuttle service to the terminal itself. On the way back, the driver arrives “on the phone” once we have picked up the luggage and left the arrivals zone. These parking lots are also often providing the car protection and insurance against parking events (eg abrasions, small bumps while parking manoeuvring in a parking lot) and weather conditions (eg hail). Prices are competitive so it is worth considering this option. Sometimes if we are lucky, the parking space in a guarded private car park with a transfer to the airport and car insurance might be cheaper than leaving the car in the unguarded airport car park.

Getting a parking space at the airport doesn’t have to be that expensive after all. All you have to do is think about it beforehand and look for good deals online. For example, here you have a nice offer from Groupon: with a holiday extras discount code you can park your car for less using the services of Holiday Extras.

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