5 things you need to know before you spend a night in the airport

If you have an early morning flight, you might come up with an idea of spending the night before in the airport. It is not uncommon decision,  many people decide to do it, so for sure you won’t be alone there, but just get prepared before it. What should you have handy with you if you are spending the night  in the airport? Here you have the list of 5 the most important things you have to remember about.

Have a back-up plan

This is the most thing when you are planning a night in the airport. You never know if there will be a space for you, if an unfriendly guard kicks you out and you end up without a roof over your hand. This is why you should check before the prices of the hotels rooms in the neighbourhood, if you can get a discount when you do the late check-in at the hotel after midnight or what are other possibilities for you just in case if you cannot spend the night in the airport. Usually there is no problem with sleeping at the airport, but you never know.

Be there early enough to get a good place

It is important to be in the airport at reasonable time to get a good place to sleep. Of course I don’t mean getting there at the very morning, just make sure to be there early enough to choose a convenient spot to sleep, what can result difficult sometimes. It is worth asking someone from the airport staff what part of the airport would they recommend to sleep, as they happen to see people like you every night. When choosing a spot, take into consideration the type of the bench, the number of CCTV near you, the distance from the entrance (to avoid the drafts) and the temperature. Remember that at night the air-conditioning might be annoying, so try to get a cosy place.


An airport is not a hotel, so you need to take care of your comfort during the night on your own. Most of the airports are not as comfortable as the one in Praha where you have velour couches. You should expect something more like a plastic or metal bench to be your bed that night. This is why you should take with you a blanket and a small pillow or ideally a sleeping bag. Put on some comfy clothes like a sweat-suit, loose T-shirt and warm socks.

Be safe!

Safety is the priority so make sure you are not in any danger before you go to sleep. The biggest threat is that someone steals something from you. This is why you should try to find a place where are other people that don’t look suspicious, there are many CCTVs around. Make sure you know where to look for the security guards in the airport. When you go to sleep, keep your luggage very close to you, for example by putting your head on the suitcase.

Be prepared for flight delays

In spite of appearances, the delays happen very, very often and so it is necessary to be mentally prepared to kill more time than expected. It is worth having with you: earplugs and eyebrows, sunglasses (they also help to sleep), water and snacks, newspapers, books,  mp3 player / tablet / computer, alarm clock.

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